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Simple but powerful organizer
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ibGib Vision and Privacy Notice

Please (Actually!) Read

** ibGib strives for collaboration in the open - This is a good thing! We take security very seriously, but our goals are that of identification, authentication and integrity. If encryption and privacy is a primary concern for you, then ibGib is not the right tool. It's cool! We totally understand! No Big! **

The ibGib app on this site uses cookies and tracks information that directly relates to ibGib, almost all of which is and/or will be publicly available to everyone. This includes (but not exclusively):

  • Any email address(es) by which you identify yourself (required to upload pics)
  • All comments, links, or pics that you generate.
  • All queries and query results generated within ibGib.
  • All intermediately generated content, including ibGib DNA, rel8ns, and data.

** Everything in ibGib is ibGib itself, and all ibGib are fundamentally interconnected. It is all open, all visible, all in the Light: The Book is Open. **

So just as our source code to run this site is Open-Source Software, all of our "Big Data" is a variety of Open Data that we call LITL Data: Live In The Light Data. Big Data is already out there, and it's being tracked and recorded by just about any web entity nowadays. But who knows just what information is being stored and tracked? We sure don't. At ibGib, we're transparent about all of our Big Data, making it available to everyone. Who watches the Watchers? In ibGib, We All Do.

But choosing this path can be a difficult decision, and it carries with it real consequences, some examples of which include the following:

  • Since almost all data is public, there isn't the usual 'delete' functionality: 'delete post', 'delete pic', 'delete note', etc. Content will be able to be flagged as inappropriate (under construction), but we retain full rights over what content to "truly" remove from _our_ data stores. This helps us ensure data integrity and data persistence in the face of adversity, such as an adversary gaining access to your identification.
  • There is NO delete functionality! (Notice we've said it twice so it must be important.) ibGib is built upon data that only grows which sometimes is called monotonically-increasing or append-only data. This is intrinsic to the nature of ibGib.
  • All content is available for sharing, and it will be licensed under the MIT license (just as our source code license is). Please do not post copyrighted material if you do not have the rights, or if you do not want to enable this open licensing. If you are a copyright owner and you wish to have material removed, then flag the material as inappropriate and provide your reason. Currently the flagging is under construction, so for now please create an issue on our GitHub repo. Note that we will endeavor to make public any correpondence with us via email.
  • LITL Data is still very experimental. For example, since we are choosing to avoid deletions, we are working on a mechanism to allow dynamic choice over what content to present to users.
  • We shall do our best to maintain the _Integrity_ of our data, but as in all walks of life there will be stumbling blocks. We do not and shall not attempt to make any guarantees as to the lifetime of the data stored in ibGib.

The work of God is this: To believe in the One He has sent.

---William Raiford


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